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Card gamers have never been better. No single day passes without the launch of a new game that hits the gaming industry and its market. This might sound a bit expensive, but you need not be worried since there are lots of amazing and excellent popular card games available today. Additionally, there are lots of free card games which are still attractive to date, and you can freely get and play them all at once. The main question that rings in the mind of many people, however, is why these games are still embraced even in the world which should now be dominated by the VR games. What is the reason behind their popularity?

Popularity of Card Games in the Era of VR Games


Card games have maintained their reputation and the competitive ability in the market following several reasons. Some of the reasons that keep these games in the market include;

  • They are nostalgic and enjoyable: playing card games is generally pleasant following the anime which is in most cases the 5ds as well as the exciting archetypes. The anime in most games such as the Yu-Gi-Oh tends to stand out for most players and makes them feel addicted to the game. As such, they find it hard to quit the game even with the arrival of the most recent games in the industry.
  • Their style of play: some card games have certain forms of the game that makes people become part of them. Instead of being a player, the techniques with which the games are played makes you feel like you are part and parcel of the game hence making it even more enjoyable. This is one factor that has made it possible for many people to stick to card games such as destiny HERO and the infinity or the fortune ladies for that matter. Such styles are rare with other VR games.
  • Their social aspect: card games are social games. They have social elements that make you want to play more and more. While playing such games, it becomes fun meeting new people who become your new friends at the local levels. Similarly, it is also fun that these games allow you to travel places for several events, which is a new way to meet other friends and socialise.

    What are some of the Popular Card Games Today?


Today, a lot of card games still exist and hold their popularity. Some of the most popular card games include the following:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh: this is a Japanese series which is composed of the gaming. It was illustrated and wrote by one prominent game writer by the name Kazuki Takahashi from Japan in 1996. The game is built around the story of a young man who tends to solve the ancient millennium puzzle. As such, the game is exciting and still attracts the attention of many gamers to date.
  • Cardfight Vanguard: this is a trading card game which is widely popular across the globe. The game was published in 2011 by one man by name, Bushiroad, even though the manga author initially conceived it.

This game is available in many languages including, English and Japanese. Cardfight Vanguard is an exciting game, and this explains its worldwide popularity today when the VR games are dominant.

    • Dragon ball super card game: this is a card game which is more popular than ever today. Following its demand, this game is released in series which are accessed only from the dealers. Dragon ball supper is a card game which possesses characters from lots of other dragon ball series and not only from the dragon ball supper. Therefore, it is an exciting game which cannot lose its popularity and will merely be better with time.

  • Hearthstone: this is a card game which is freely available online and can be played by anyone. The game was developed and published by an organisation called blizzard entertainment. The plot of this game is built around the available lore of the Warcraft series by applying similar elements, relics and even characters.

The first release of this series occurred in 2014, and it was available on the Microsoft Windows as well as the macOS. The availability of the cross-platform play in Hearthstone gives room for the players to compete with one another hence making the game very interesting and enjoyable. This is the reason behind the popularity of the game even in the era of VR games as now.



Today VR gaming is seen to dominate the world of gaming. Their application of the triple dimensional artificial setting to the computer games which is available today has made it difficult for other games to emerge and retain their popularity. However, the popular card games have managed to beat all odds and keep a reputation in the gaming industry. Thanks to their enjoyment, sociability and unique style of play.








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