Card Previews


The Mermaid often gets played as a siren; people invoke Ariel’s voice to support it – we originally had them as separate cards but nixed Siren because they generally just got played identically.

If there’s enough support from backers, a separate Siren card might make it into the expansion, though!


My friend Tom has made a cool card game with his friends (Brad O’Farrell and Vondell Swain) called “Story War”!! My favorite card is Bugbear, so here is this comic I did called “BugBear’s Existential Crisis”.


We’re currently working on the art for Hamlet and King Hamlet, who will accompany Ophelia in the DELUXE PACK. We’re also working on securing more deals to make promotional cards based on characters you might be familiar with, and you’ll be hearing about those as we lock them in.

Stay tuned!

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